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JUN 22, 2018 BY Fintek Industry


Fintek Industry provides sheet metal solution in Timtos 2017, Taipei EXPO Dome, Q0214, 2017-03-07 - 2017-03-12 .This time, FINTEK showed heavy duty Shearing Machine (HH-1065), Hydraulic Rolling Machine (PR-0425h), and all new servo motor Folding Machine (VHS-1035) and servo Press Machine in the exhibition.

Our Feature Machines

1. Shearing Machine (HH-1065)

All models build in hydraulic system, with independent hydraulic hold-downs and 4-edge cutting blade, H series can maintain stability and cut cleanly, Blade gap is adjustable in order to handle any thickness sheet metal material.You can see there are two pretty girl posing next our Shearing Machine, What a Picture!!

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2. Rolling Machine(PR-0425h)

PR initial-pinch plate bending roll, simple bending easy operating with Rolling Machine.All three rolls made in top grade alloy steel and be driven by hydraulic system.Foot switch for forward/reverse, fitted with a protective housing.

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3. Folding Machine(VHS-1035)

FINTEK cooperated with BOSCH Rexroth research the Hydraulic Servo motor system test model: “Servo Hydraulic Folding Machine concept” which has perfectly shown in TIMTOS 2017. Servo motor system is a trend in future machines field. No matter Power Press Machine, Folding Machine, Shearing Machine or other sheet metal working machines, are look it as a development focus. What’s the advantage of Servo motor system? High performance dynamic response With the high performance dynamic response of servo motor system, the motor feedback speed than general motor enhance around 3 times. It can make the folding action smoothly and faster, which can promote the efficiency and precision. Reduced energy consumption According to working condition, the actual pressure and float will be different. Servo system will adjust the rotating speed according to the signal feedback by sensor. To compare with general motor, servo motor can save around 30-80% energy consumption and effectively reach the ECO and save money.Reduce environmental noise The noise of the machine will cause the operator's mental injury for a long time. The servo hydraulic motor has the advantages of low noise which can reduce the volume of about 20 dB in comparison with the general motor.

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4. Servo Power Press Machine

FINTEK exhibited “Servo hydraulic motor Press Machine”. In addition to the above advantages, the servo hydraulic press can set a unique pendulum curve. Different from the traditional flywheel-type press, you can adjust the action by revise the pendulum curve. Servo Power Press Machine can be used to press special parts or workpiece and it is more useful than general press machine.

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Fintek Industry, Well-known throughout the world, Fintek is a leading manufacturer of sheet metal Folding Machines, Shearing Machine, Rolling Machine, Press Brake and Power Press. With a large customer base and large investments in research and development they have been able to deliver innovative solutions to a wide range of different industries.By using the latest testing equipment and quality control procedures all Fintek power press and press brake meet the strictest industry requirements. Also their rolling machines, shearing machines and metal folding machines have been used by some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Our wide range of metal folding machines can help you to get a competitive edge thanks to the high quality, long service life, and repeatable accuracy.

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