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Iron Worker

Throat Depth 5"(127mm) 8"(203mm) 12"1/4(304mm)
Open Height 12"1/4(311mm) 13"1/2(311mm) 15"1/2(311mm)
Closed Height 8"1/4(210mm) 9"1/4(235mm) 10"1/4(260mm)
Stroke 5"1/4(133mm) 4"1/4(108mm) 5"1/4(133mm)
Table Size 8"x16,1/2"(203mmx419mm) 10"x17"(254mmx432mm) 14,1/2"x21"(368mmx533mm)
Punch(short Ton) 45 55 100
Angle Shear 88mmx88mmx88mm 127mmx127mmx9.5mm 152mmx152mmx15mm
Bar Shear(Round) 1/2" (31mm) 1" (25mm) 1 1/4" (12mm)
Coper-Notcher(Max.) 57mmx76mmx6mm 69mmx101mmx6mm 101mmx152mmx9.5mm
Bending Attach 6" (152mm) 8" (203mm) 12 (304mm)
Punch End Stroke Per Minute 50@1/2"(12mm) 60@1/2"(12mm) 40@3/4"(12mm)
Work Station Height 43"(1092mm) 43"(1092mm) 44"(1117mm)
Fuel Capacity 12 Gallons 20 Gallons 25 Gallons
Motor (HP) 5 10 25
Dimmensions 24"x55"x58"(610mmx1397mmx1473mm) 24"x66"x60"(610mmx1676mmx1524mm) 35"x90"x66,1/2"(889mmx2286mmx1676mm)
Weight (net) 1800 LBS(817 kgs) 2600 LBS(1180 kgs) 5800 LBS(2633 kgs)


1. Punch Attachment.

2. Manual Back Gauge & Side Guard.

3. Fixed angle hold down.

4. Bending Attachment.

5. Attached on tank.

6. Coping on notching.

1. 24" Bending attachment.

2. Quick set table assembly with quick set bar gauge assembly.

3. Safety rear guard.

4. Plate gauging table.

5. Quick set angle gauge assembly.

6. Safety front guard + chip bucket.


Iron Woker


Your best help in sheet metal application, FINTEK Iron-worker.
5 function mode all in one machine:
Punch/ Bend/ Round cut/ Plate cut/ Notching.
Over 10 optional function available with easy change punching die.
With your imagination its application is limitless.