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We have more than 40 agents/dealers in more than 40 countries, if you want to know our agents/dealers information, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Fintek's Partner all around the world.

We sales a full line of quality metal working machine to the world, and we also need more agent, please contact us if you interested.

Well-known throughout the world Fintek is a leading manufacturer of metal folding machines, shearing machine, rolling machine, press brake and power press. With a large customer base and large investments in research and development they have been able to deliver innovative solutions to a wide range of different industries. By using the latest testing equipment and quality control procedures all Fintek power presses and press brakes meet the strictest industry requirements. Also their rolling machines, shearing machines and metal folding machines have been used by some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Our wide range of metal folding machines can help you to get a competitive edge thanks to the high quality, long service life, and repeatable accuracy.