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Automatic Welding Production Line

Mar 06, 2020   /   Taiwan, New Taipei

The New Automatic Welding Production Line by Robot Arm

Industry 4.0 & IoT Solutions largely increases efficiency and stability in machines in the fabrication field. At the beginning of 2020, FINTEK starts to develop Industrial 4.0 & IoT Solutions project. Fintek Industry invested robotic arms to build a sheet metal welding production line. Traditional hand welding quality heavily depends on a worker’s skill and experience. The sheet metal surface might be uneven if the worker’s welding skill is not proficient. Therefore, we use robotic arms to replace hand welding to progress FINTEK machines’ quality. Automation implementation improves the welding efficiency about 40% more than hand welding. In addition, automatic welding makes the sheet metal surface smoother and machine construction stronger. FINTEK always provide high quality and high stability sheet metal working machine with reasonable price. FINTEK is one of the most important manufacturers from all over the world to find products that suit their requirements, e.g. Shearing Machine, Rolling Machine, Folding Machine, Press Brake Machine. . 

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