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March 22, 2019   /   Taiwan, Taipei city, Taipei Expo Dome, Q0224

The biggest metal working machines exhibition in Taiwan

Fintek Industry provides sheet metal solution in TIMTOS 2019, Taipei EXPO Dome, Q0224, 2019-03-04 - 2017-03-09. TIMTOS, is held once every two years. Its current exhibition scale is the second largest in Asia and the largest in Taiwan. Being the most comprehensive display platform of machine tools in Taiwan, FINTEK is one of the most important manufacturers for buyers from all over the world to find products that suit their purchasing needs. This time, FINTEK showed Shearing Machine, Rolling Machine, and Folding Machine and Press Brake Machine in the exhibition.

Our Feature machines in TIMTOS 2019

H-0845 - Hydraulic Shearing Machine

All Hydraulic Shearing machine H-models are built with hydraulic system with independent hydraulic hold-downs and 4-edge cutting blade. H series can maintain stability and cut cleanly. Blade gap is adjustable in order to handle any sheet metal material and various sheet thickness. H-0845 with manual adjust blade gap and hydraulic adjust cutting angle adjust, which provided 2540 mm cutting length with 4.5 mm Max cutting capacity. 

VHS-1035 - NC Hydrualic Up & Down Folding machine

FINTEK cooperated with BOSCH Rexroth research the Hydraulic Servo motor system test model: Servo Hydraulic Folding Machine concept which has perfectly shown in TIMTOS 2017. Servo motor system is a trend in future machines field. It is currently a development focus that could apply on all sorts of sheet metal working machines. The advantages of Servo motor system consists of high performance dynamic response that can enhance about 3 times the motor feedback speed than generic motor. It can make the folding action smoother and faster, which perfectly shows prominent efficiency and precision. Reduced energy consumption according to working condition, the actual pressure and float will be different. Servo system will adjust the rotating speed according to the signal feedback by sensor. Servo motor can save around 30-80% energy consumption and effectively reach the ECO and save money. The noise generated from the machine will cause the operator physical and mental health over a long period of time. The servo hydraulic motor reduces noise which can reduce the volume of about 20 dB in comparison with the general motor. 

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